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Fast Lanes

Fast Lanes are targeted export programs for specific industries.

We offer full-service solutions for clients by resourcing one or more members for a project.

A boutique and bespoken solution where only true experts serve your brand.

Our team delivers fast and efficient market studies about your target market.

We focus on relevant and current information - usually no need to collect numbers and data from history. 

Business is always done between people - even in online business, there are still people behind opportunities.

We find these people and create local marketing and PR materials to shout your message. 

We do not limit our hunt only to sales leads: local accounting, lawyers, marketing, logistics, etc. are important partners.

Our team contacts all business leads - acting on behalf of your company.

Intro meetings are usually done between Kauss and a potential partner to save your resources.


Your company will take part in follow-up meetings.

Kauss reports all progress via a digital portal.

Kauss stays as your outsourced export manager until your company is ready to create its organization for the new market.





Ongoing Fast Lane 1:
Production Partner LIVE

Our Production Partner LIVE Members

Adfactory Design is a Tallinn-based production company serving Baltic and Nordic clients. Their expertise is in-store elements, tailor-made POS, and premium bespoken event elements. Both digital and physical.


Certified by the Reliable Partner program by Vastuu Group.


Signtech is a Riga-based digital signage, screens, and video content producer. Both rental or permanent installations. A true expert on Samsung MagicInfo content management system. is a Finland based expert on large, outdoor. permanent LED screen solutions. Leditaulu uses only the most energy efficient solutions currently available in the market.

Your Brand? If you see your product / service would be a great extension of our Fast Lane, please contact us!

Tasks of Kauss

Kauss was hired to find new clients from the event industry and strengthen relationships with New Nordic Design and Brand Agencies and public real estate operators and owners.


All three current members have generated business from new markets in less than six months of the start. The business looks to grow for 2023.


Ongoing Fast Lane 2:
Skilled Workers | Subcontracting

Our Skilled workers | Subcontracting members

Sia S&B Precision is a Ukrainian-Latvian company that serves proudly steel industry, infra-building, and HVAC projects in the North EU.


Certified by the Reliable Partner program by Vastuu Group.

Registered to Finland, and workers have Finnish work contracts.

Baltven is a Polish company that delivers workers to the EU from Ukraine and Belorus - especially for solar panel installation, brick-laying, HoReCa, and laundry industries.


Certified by the Reliable Partner program by Vastuu Group.

Registered to Finland, and workers have Finnish work contracts

ADDO Group is a Latvian company. Specialised to provide ventilation cleaning and energy savings via modern LED lighting for industrial and commercial clients.

ADDO has ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management) standard audited to guide its work process.

Sia Antiks Paint is a Latvian company. Home at a shipyard in Riga - now ready to export talents to Nordics. Various tasks related to metal industry and engineering.

Tasks of Kauss

Kauss has guided members to attend tender processes in Finland and helped to find new sourcing channels. 


Two members are already making a growing business in Finland.

One member has already doubled its business in Finland due to Kauss' strong project management to maintain the business relationship with a Finnish client.

Ongoing Fast Lane 3:
Creative Solutions