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Corporate Travel -our niche expertise 

We create targeted and unique events for your team, clients, or stakeholders.

Every event is bespoken to meet your needs and budget.

Riga - the focus of New Nordics 

Riga is the best destination for Nordic companies to organize events - for small or large groups. RIX has daily non-stop flights from all Nordic cities, and Vilnius and Tallinn are fast and comfortable coach ride away.

Riga is our home - we know the locations and people behind interesting content for your event.

airBaltic has the greenest fleet in Europe - this is great news if your company calculates the environmental impact of the event.

The quality of services is premium compared to Helsinki but prices are still affordable.

Let's create a resultful business event for your company in Riga!


Southern Europe - only a short flight away


We have invested time and resources to create a trusted partner network and knowledge about event possibilities especially in Italy (including Sicily), Portugal (including Madeira), and Croatia.

These destinations can be reached easily via standard flights or business jets from the North EU.

Great locations for networking from 30 hours to over 100 hours.

Offer a remote office hub for your team during "dark months" of the North EU.

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