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Amber Prize - I loved it

Northern Brand Activation Talents met live in Tallinn on December 5-6, 2022. To share experiences and connect with New Nordic + Polish + German stakeholders. Two days showed me that I still love the event industry and all of us working for our common goals. To create memorable moments. To secure business and growth. As Kati Kuusisto from Finnish Tapahtumateollisuus Association pointed out in her keynote: "deliver tax revenues and jobs and our industry will be noted".

My objectives for the event

“Sure there are costs to taking part in the event: delegate fee, travel arrangements, time plus all hospitality offered: Bolt rides, free drinks, etc. I think the total cost was about 600 € plus my time.“ Miikka Vahtera - Founder - Sia Kauss Agency

Even though my income has been low during Covid times and after the Russia-Ukraine war, I wanted to invest and take part in Amber Prize. Why did I invest my limited financial resources in the Amber Prize event? Well, I set four concrete ROO objectives (return on objectives) to guide my behavior at the event and allow me to track my success.

1. Stay tuned for trends

Amber showcases fresh Northern trends for current topics. Even though I felt many times done with my past team years ago, interesting to see that, the same topics are still current. Sustainability / corporate social responsibility, green values, measurement, leadership, etc.

It was eye-opening to see that today a Brand can make an amazing campaign with just a very clear and easy low-cost concept. And people will follow and catch it. Or still, brands can invest loads of money to create physical elements around the event - and spread voice-over that way. Both ways work fine.

I also saw that with a budget of 30.000-50.000 € you can make memorable productions in the Baltic states. Especially now that their public sector is willing to give financial motivation to arrange live meetings in Latvia, Estonia, or Lithuania.

2. Agree on follow-ups with at least four new international potential clients

Even though I am not the best hunter for new contacts, I opened talks with several interesting people and brands behind them. And out of these talks seven live or Teams meetings were agreed upon for December 2022 - January 2023. So this target is beyond objectives. And I trust that from connections established at Amber - there will be even more concrete meetings.

  • Three new potentials opened in Finland.

  • Two new potentials opened in Estonia.

  • One new potential opened in Latvia.

  • One new potential opened in Sweden.

3. Showcase my client's premises to one client

I was able to invite one of the key Finnish delegates to step aside from his official program and invite him to see the premises of my trusted Estonian client, Adfactory. Again, the impact of live connections was seen. A site visit to the production plant showed our capabilities plus a lunch afterward abled us to discuss how Adfactory can help. The best combo!

4. Shake hands with my trusted Swedish industry friend

Sometimes shaking hands with a key person is needed to make plans go further, Yes, I was able to shake hands with a person I wanted!

Every industry needs events like Amber Prize. A brand must evaluate which ones to take part in. If you operate in the Event industry in the Northern EU -

Amber Prize is mandatory to take part. I hope to meet you next time at Amber Prize in the Baltic States!

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