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Live Connections Matter

I was honoured to join the Mirabilia Network's conference in Caserta, Italy and for the after educational tour to Umbria. Both focused to promote meetings and events industry internationally. My network knows how much I love our industry - I always try to help its members to grow. MICE-industry was the first industry forced to stop due Covid and sure it will be the last to recover. But our great talents of MICE do not give up - we are proud soldiers who keep fighting as long as it will be needed.

Past six days with new friends - buyers and sellers - from all over the world really pointed out how important live meetings are to create new business. You can maintain business relationships over digital channels, but trust is created only via live face to face meetings. Maybe younger generations will sell major B2B projects via TikTok videos - sure my generation can not do it.

Hospitality is not corruption. Hospitality means that you have time to talk with your stakeholders in peace and deeply. You have a real eye-level connection to notice is your message understood right or not. You create trust that promises will be delivered. If a project does not go 100 % smoothly - you know that your business partner will do all she / he can to fix possible issues. This human-to-human trust can not be created over digital platforms.

Live events are needed both to develop your current clients plus to hunt for new clients. The best live event has a combo of both - your clients are your brand ambassadors and influencers for your new potentials. A joint time with your current clients is essential to understand their future needs and goals.

During modern hectic times an interesting live event can be the actual door-opener to get a potential client's attention. Business people are hard to catch over the phone, email or Linkedin invitations. The invitation to a great event is usually accepted easily. And live events create content to social media - just like this my article shows.

During my visit to Italy I really looked for activations and venues that will fit perfectly for New Nordics' clients to organise memorable events to boost their business. I am happy to share these connections to create more business for all.

Thank you Mirabilia, Umbria region, and all great venues that hosted our impressive international buyers' team. I am so happy that I have dozens of new human contacts that I can trust - together we will create great future.

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