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Support independent talents – You are the most valuable customer

I have been a 100 % entrepreneur all my life. Values to take care of yourself, your family, and your stakeholders without help from social security came as a part of my heritage. I always give my small money to micro or small companies instead of corporate or public sector providers, if possible. I truly believe a motivated company with a face of an owner values its customers, employees, and other stakeholders a lot more than a corporation whose owners are located on some tax-heaven islands far, far away.

Small operators respect their local community

But being a small privately owned provider is a hard task nowadays. The public sector (especially the EU) and big corporates try to launch new rules and regulations that make a small company’s operation difficult. Yes, a corporate can easily hire more administration managers to follow all rules by the book, but for micro and small companies each new recruitment for red tape is a huge investment. And sure, the public sector has resources to hire new public servants to follow that all regulations are followed by the book. We must remember that micro and small companies are the biggest employers, and they pay their taxes and other commitments proudly to their homeland.

Small operators do not have to advertise in paid media how responsible or sustainable they are. These values are automatically an integrated part of the operation.

A network of talents delivers only premium content and service

Kauss helps New Nordic micro and small companies to open new markets. Our export programs have already generated over 500k €+ revenue for our members. It all started during Covid. But all this is done with the trust and respect of the different sizes of players. And joining powers to look bigger and more talented than alone.

For example, Kauss has Fast Lanes for the Creative and Production of Live. Our Creative members are the best Northern talents in visual identity and interior design. Our Production of Live members provide production of both physical and digital elements at the state-of-the-art level. Kauss links our clients as a bespoken team to fit the needs of our joint client. Your brand is served only by talented professionals in a cost-effective way. And you hire only parts your brand or agency needs.

I hear so often that corporates / big agencies have huge issues hiring new talents for their team. And most of Kauss’ members have worked in these in their past lives – or proudly served them. We value and respect the needs of corporates. Now we just offer a modern way to get the best people to help your corporation to grow.

Please visit our Fast Lanes here.

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