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Brand Engagement


Our team understands how to set up objectives, and create successful brand engagement strategies for your needs. As an independent company we are happy to share our expertise to brands, agencies, and sponsees.

Return on Objectives Advisory

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Together with R.O.O. Sponsorship we help brands to develop a robust evaluation criteria for brand engagement.

The criteria helps brands to choose right opportunities, and manage on-going partnerships.

Clear reports helps brands to enhance their activations.

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A Day with Angels

Kauss welcomes Nordic brands to Riga to create fresh ideas, and build up team spirit.

The concept is created together with Marketing Angels - a Riga based outsource marketing agency creating successful brand stories and winning marketing strategies


Design & Production of Brand Assets

Brand Identity and Graphics

Maris Staris is an advertising and brand management professional with more than 20 solid years of work experience in the marketing field. He has an academic education in design and several hundred completed projects under his belt.


Mediapark creates modern websites, apps, and e-commerce solutions with high quality and efficient process.

Live Events / Expos

Kauss is member of the Brand Arena Nordic Group. Independent agencies in New Nordics deliver services ranging from design and production of live communication and events to campaigns and special projects, often integrated with digital solutions.

AR / VR / 3D

These techs are here already, but 5G will make these essential for all brands.

Ocean is the pioneer in this field, and has great cases to show.

Riga is full of creative minds who offer state of the art marketing solutions.

Kauss helps Nordic companies, and agencies to connect with these fresh and efficient talents.

Please meet our key partners:


Print / Instore / POS

Latvia has several state of the art print houses with reasonable pricing. Kauss is happy to find a right one for your needs.


Market Opening Services


Our strategic alliance between Kauss and Picus - a Helsinki based advisory company - helps our clients to explore new markets.

China Europe Health and Sports Council

Kauss is an official representative of CESHC in Baltics.

Council supports import and export of the EU know-how and products to and from China.

Fast Lane to Finland / Baltics

We help brands to find sales channels, and understand local requirements for a market entry.

"Fast Lane" collects 3-4 brands who have similar sales channels but they do not compete with each others.

The goal is to open sales in a target market in four months after joining.

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Asian Expertise

Our C-level connections to Asia (especially China, Vietnam, India) open business opportunities for our clients.